From A Vision to A Reality

A man finishing a wax casting at Art Castings Loveland

Art Castings Foundry has recently started offering public tours after a four-year hiatus. I recently had the opportunity to take a tour around the foundry that has been the stomping grounds of many artists. As an intern working for Visit Loveland this summer (and not being from here), I’ll admit I was not all that aware of what Loveland had to offer. Since I started here in May, I have come to learn so much about the charm behind this eccentric Sweetheart City.

A sculpture by Lake Loveland Sunset

One of the reasons Loveland stands out to me compared to other Colorado towns is the spectacular bronze statues scattered across the city (there are over 200, just so you know). The process behind turning an art sculpture from vision to reality starts at a foundry, which is essentially a metal casting factory. Art Castings of Colorado has been one of the most reliable choices for artists around the country since 1972, and it has gained the reputation as one of the cleanest, most efficient bronze art foundries in North America.

Tucked away in a quiet south Loveland neighborhood is a white warehouse that would seemingly go unnoticed by many passers-by, but this foundry is known by artists all across the globe. They come here knowing that this is the place to have their imagination become a reality. Taking a tour here made me feel as though I was being let in on an exclusive secret that only the art community was aware of.

Woman holding head sculpture

As you journey around the foundry, you’ll see the different stages it takes to turn a vision into art. The tour starts in a typical administrative setting of an office but immediately takes you to the production floor. Visitors are taken through the facility, visiting each room to watch the process.

One room contains wax mock-ups made from clay sculptings made by the artists. From there, they take you to a room where they create a shell case from those mock-ups. The mock-up is then removed from the shell, leaving a mold for pouring. The next step is casting, where molten metal is added to the molds. On our tour, we witnessed welders finalizing sculptures that were already cast. Last but not least, you are taken to a room where finished pieces sit, waiting for their artists to come and retrieve them.

A sculpture of Buzz Light Year at Art Castings Loveland

The art scene that surrounds Loveland is truly special. Every day, I am learning just how special this city is and am continuing to learn more about the treasures this place holds. I highly recommend booking a foundry tour and seeing for yourself. Tours are held on Thursday mornings at 9:30 a.m., and a reservation is required. The tour is $5 per person, and there is a 10-person maximum for each tour group. If you are interested in making a reservation, please call the office number: (970) 667-1114 or email

Written by Mackenzie Glenn, Intern for Visit Loveland.